Temple of Mysterious Water Phenomenon

So, there is water in the world.

An interesting stubstance, vital even. However, there is not much about it that is simple and intuitive.

For generations, devoted Eye-people at the Temple of Mysterious Water Phenomenon have been teaching the little they know about preventing moisture-related eye diseases, have been trying to predict rains...

And to create water from scratch.

Well, at least one was creating water from scratch.

For the 145 567'th time (Eye-people live long and mainly die from cataract-induced loss of self-esteem).

And it failed again.

But you can now look through the Eye of the sad Noong, an Eye so apt at looking at transparent stuff that it can see colors where there is only speed.

While they are playing with stuff melancholically and reconsidering life choices.

This is just a particle toy made in one day.

Later i will do a writeup at what has gone wrong with it (a lot!) and link it here.

Anyway, that was a fun experience.

(made for https://itch.io/jam/fedijam-2 , theme ELEMENTAL)

## Instructions

Hold lmb to attract water. Maybe taps work too.

## Sources



tow_lin.zip 14 MB
tow_win.zip 13 MB
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Very fun and neat :)