Interplanetary ping kills cybersports!

But you are here to save the day.

A retired space pirate, you have lost your arm in a fierce battle with a federal tax collector.

A wanted criminal not able to land on planets, you find a local team of gamers bored at an asteroid station, wanting to see the big world and make a living by being cyber kickasses.

-The ping is killing us! -they said!

-Can't do anything from this rock - they said.

For a share of profit, you and your old ship will deliver them the best ping the galaxy.

Just try not to die.

## Controls:

 * LMB to zoom out and look for tournaments

 * Move your mouse to accelerate

 * Gray circle is a no-op area, you will just drift if you rest your mouse there.

* Purple curve shows how your ship will drift if you stop your engines. Try resting the mouse inside a gray circle and see for yourself. 

## Gameplay:

* Tournaments pop up, each starts with a delay and runs for some time.

* You need to be close to the planet when the tournament starts to participate.

 * While online tournament is running, try to keep as close to a planet surface as possible  - low ping will earn the best rewards from your gamer crew.

*  Once you enter the tournament, you need to keep connection with the planet until it ends (do not go beyond the magenta ring), or you will be disqualified.

 * Ship fuel level  is indicated by the ship's body

* Drifting costs no fuel

* Winning tournaments refills fuel

* Ship size is artificial, there is no hitbox. But lithobreaking is still real.

 * No fuel - game over, crash - game over

 * Ship computer lies and wants your death (seriously, you just repaired it with your one arm)

A game made for

Theme: difficult communication.

Limitation: mouse and LMB only.

Made in one (last) day (hade a very late idea).

## Source code (MIT)

## Used assets

 * Font Now (OFL):
 My own quick drawings (also made in this one day)

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