Pick hoomans right from their huts.

Throw them into the foorest.

Fertilize the soil with their blood (blood not included).

Blood is a lot of water. Eventually, it makes lakes.

And blood with lakes borns monsters.

So, basically, screw the decentralized community people has built. With decentralized creepy green hell. Score-based. Your actions very quickly lead to no humans left, but you need hoomans for blood. Green jungles earn one point, lakes earn 5, and lake monsters are actually kinda slow so you might be able to toss additional 2 fellows. before they reach the final village.

Yeah, this is not the pinnacle of game design, BUT, I have learned new framework and a lot of new Rust, and whatever. Had fun ^^ You have you fun too.

MADE FOR https://itch.io/jam/fediverse-jam

In less than a day. Submitted last minute (LITERALLY)

How To Play

Mouse-based.  Click on huts, click on forest places. Repeat.




Heartless Autumn - Linux 5 MB
Heartless Autumn - Windows 6 MB

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