A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

If the topmost brick falls, game end

Send 'boom' into chat (see alias in the corner) to spawn an offender

But... there is no defender...

Local Matrix server preferred, check out https://conduit.rs
use http:// for local only!
For easy testing of sending booms: gomuks

In Afterjam linux version, a Conduit server for local tests is included (see README_ITCH inside).
No Matrix servers i know support Windows, so if local, a Windows user might want to use  cygwin, WSL or similar or a virtual machine.
(but testing  with an external server should be still possible for win users)

This project is using godot-python to achieve integration with matrix-nio.

Source: https://notabug.org/Houkime/triangle
Also, both Linux and Windows versions just have sources + standard godot runtime + python env in it.

Submitted to Fedijam III: https://itch.io/jam/fedijam-3


ftod_lin_afterjam_with_server.zip 62 MB
ftod_afterjam_win.zip 51 MB
pythonexport_lin_jam.zip 51 MB
pythonexport_win_jam.zip 51 MB

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