Attacked by a sea monster, you wake up on a beach.

A short experimental novel born from mixing and emerging patterns. (see repo for more on this).
Content warnings: a bit of abstract gore.
Web browser version may not work on Safari and Webkit browsers (limitation of the engine)

Music attributions:
Mistakeless: Forget me, Forget me Not (CC-BY-SA 3.0)
Jon Luc Hefferman - Triumph (Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International)
Gasper Torkar - Accept The Risk and Continue (CC-BY-SA 4.0)

Web version includes one postjam workaroud for a bug not present in desktop version.

Source code:


Download 76 MB


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The below deleted comment was me saying that due to connectivity problems the upload takes long and might not be in time for the jam. But it turns out Itch dates uploads by the time they were started.
And that you cannot cleanly delete your own posts.

Please feel free to comment ^_^